Pricing and Terms

We operate a transparent pricing policy. We don’t believe in attention-grabbing gimmicks like “no-fix, no-fee” or “no call-out charge”.

Fair and Reasonable Policy

Let’s face it, virtually any problem can be fixed when a technician visits, so there is hardly ever such a thing as “no-fix, no-fee”. So promises like “no-fix, no-fee” can be quite meaningless. Companies claiming to have “no call-out charges” will often make up for that by spinning out the length of time they spend fixing the problem in question. Similarly those who advertise “low hourly rates” generally do so for one of two reasons – either they are not well qualified or they will take twice as long as others to attend to your needs and your bill will reflect that.

We do things differently; we do charge for call-outs and we do charge reasonable rates for our time. We are only focussed, however, on doing an efficient professional job and retaining you as a long-term customer. We think our clients all receive a tremendous value for money service and that is why so many recommend us to friends and colleagues. We always aim to provide the best long-term solution for our clients. This means that we will not repair a machine that we think should be replaced, we will not leave you vulnerable to malicious attack; we will always do a thorough and reliable job; we will make recommendations based on performance, security and appropriateness to the task at hand. You can rely on us.

We have two charging models, depending on whether you want to have a pre-agreed support programme or simply would like to call on us when you have an issue to resolve. Our framework pricing is shown below, but you can always call us free on 01225 745732 to discuss this in greater detail. Normally, we expect to visit your premises in person the first time we do work for you. That way we can be sure to understand fully the local circumstances. Thereafter, we may be able to carry out work remotely for you. Of course, if a client brings equipment to us for assessment, that avoids any call-out costs.


Charging Basis for Daubeneys Managed Solutions

Many clients want to have a pre-agreed IT support budget cost. We are delighted to offer a menu which is dependent on number of users, an estimate of support time required per month including remote and telephone assistance. Onsite support is not usually included as it pushes costs up and is not often needed.However, we can agree a package to suit you including a regular visit if you would like.

Number of Users

  • 1-5
  • 6-15
  • 16-30
  • 30+

Base Support Hours  Per Month Included

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • By negotiation

We charge for our time in half-hourly increments, so a 15 user business would pay us just £160 a month excluding any call-out charges or purchases made by us on their behalf. We always review support time used with our clients regularly to ensure charges reflect reality of the work we are carrying out. Our minimum contract support commitment is 12 months, subject to one month’s written notice of termination either way. Should we be called out in an emergency, our call-out charge is the equivalent of one half-hour’s charge.

Daubeneys on Demand Service

Our charge rates are the same as for DMS except that we will only be reacting to a problem you flag up to us, not managing your IT proactively. We may need to visit and on occasion we might need to remove hardware to carry out long-running work which needs little intervention while it takes place but which would otherwise involve us charging you a lot if carried out on your premises. On other occasions it may be that a part, not carried, needs to be supplied. We have never made two call–out charges in such circumstances!

If you have major problems and we need to spend a whole day on site our daily rate is capped to protect you and we waive the call-out charge. Generally speaking if you need to call us out regularly, it generally means that you would be better off moving to a DMS package where we would manage your needs on a pre-arranged basis.

Whichever option you choose, you will always be treated fairly and professionally and our experts will always get your approval before commencing any work, so you know what costs to expect.

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